If you’ve landed here, you know that content drives results — that’s probably why you’re considering outsourcing your content writing. 

Every company needs different types of content writing — from blog posts to articles, to press releases, white papers, e-books, ultimate guides … someone’s got to roll up their sleeves and write it all.

With all the responsibilities that marketing professionals have, you might not have the time, resources, or writing skills to get the job done yourself.

Luckily, when it comes to getting your content written, you have a couple of options. You could: 


  • Invest the time and resources to hire, onboard and train a dedicated in-house writing team to create your marketing content.
  • Save time and achieve consistent quality from the get-go by hiring a content writing agency  — if you choose the right one.

Keeping in mind factors such as resources, budget and time, at some point you're going to ask yourself: should I outsource to a content writing agency?

Below we’re going to cover the pros and cons of hiring in-house and outsourcing content writing, plus what factors can help you choose the best partner. 


Outsourced content writing: what it is, and what to expect

Companies around the world are seeing the overwhelming benefits of outsourcing their content writing — and we have the numbers to prove it.

From tech companies alone, around 67% of medium-sized and 74% of large companies outsource at least one content marketing activity to content writing agencies or freelancers.

Outsourced content writing is simply delegating content writing services to an external expert: they might write long form content for your blog or website, including evergreen content. They might also write short form content for your promotional channels — or a mix of both short form and long form content.

Choosing the right partner frees up your time so you can focus on strategising, building partnerships, and meeting KPIs. 

For example, outsourcing your content to us includes more than receiving regular, high-quality pieces of content on a monthly basis.

We also provide a brand tone of voice workshop and set up a Notion dashboard, so you always know the production status of your content.


Why do companies outsource content writing?

From our experience, we’ve found that companies usually outsource content writing because they don’t have the time, writing skills, or resources to generate content for their website.

They might also prefer focusing on their marketing strategy while letting an external team of professionals handle the content writing.

Another reason for outsourcing content writing is tone of voice. In non-English-speaking countries, companies might hire a content writing agency for English services to position their products internationally and with a professional touch.

These companies might also have been lucky enough to have found a content writing agency that specialises in their niche — for example, a tech company partnering with a tech content writing agency (like ours)— so they know what services they’re going to get from a team of seasoned professionals.

We’ve seen how building great working relationships with our clients encourages trusting that our work is always high-quality, our services are transparent, and that our system of procedures keeps them accountable to a regular content publishing schedule.

Whether outsourced or produced in-house, content writing is a solid strategy for any company to grow organically, deeply connect with their customer bases, and establish themselves as friendly authorities in their niche. This is especially relevant for competitive industries, like in the B2B tech space.

But before we sound like we’re promising too much, let’s explore what content writing includes in the first place.


What does content writing include?

Every company has its content production process, but from our experience the best, most valuable pieces of content include a few key elements.

  • The best content writers have a clear idea of who their customers are in business and what problems they might be facing. 
  • Great content includes clear goals, whether educating readers, sharing news, or persuading them to take a specific action. 
  • Content pieces work best when writers thoroughly research what content their competitors are creating and set out to beat that competition.
  • SEO-optimised content improves brand awareness and visibility as it provides information people are already looking for.

Content writing includes finding the best tone of voice to answer customer questions, communicating product benefits and positioning your product as a solution to customers’ problems.

It’s also a time and resource-intensive process which might involve customer interviews, brand positioning and tone of voice workshops, optimising content for SEO, and rounds of feedback, editing and proofreading before a piece of content goes live. 

Content writing also comes with challenges, but we have the solutions for you.


Challenges you’ll face writing content — and how to solve them

There's a lot to consider when deciding who's going to write your content: whether to outsource content writing to an agency or hire an in-house team.

So we put together a list of some common challenges facing startup founders and marketing managers and how hiring in-house and outsourcing can be great solutions in different situations.

Challenge #1: You know the value of content — you just don’t have the time or resources to produce it yourself

When you understand the value of content and have a strategy planned, you do need to have content to show for it. So here’s our hot take: paid advertising will never get you the same organic growth, brand recognition, and customer retention as content marketing.

When deciding whether to outsource or hire in-house, consider: which one fits your timeline best?

Hiring in-house means in-depth product training, orientation and experiencing a deeper sense of belonging to the same company. It also takes a great deal of time to thoroughly train a whole team of writers to ensure they understand the ins and outs of your products and services.

With a content writing agency, you get a ready-made team of experts at your service — especially if you find one that specialises in your niche. Outsourcing saves you time and ensures you have the resources to meet your content strategy targets right away. Since they’re external professionals, outsourced content writers would also keep you accountable to publish any content they’ve written for you.


The solution: Choose what fits your timeline best

Should you hire in-house? Yes, if you have time at hand to grow a writing and editing team from scratch. However, be prepared to spend more time searching, training and onboarding.

Should you outsource to a content writing agency? Yes, if you have less time and resources and need to urgently create baseline web content that educates your customers and builds brand awareness.


Challenge #2: You tried writing your own content and hated it

Anyone can write … right? Wrong. Writing isn’t for everyone.

It can be fun to wear different hats at work — but it’s also okay to leave some jobs to the pros.

An in-house team can write best about the ins and outs of the technical aspects of your products and services. Since they’re insiders, they could run your internal communication services, such as company newsletters and press releases.

      At the same time, in-house writers also need dedicated editors and proofreaders to prevent them from writing as though they’re submitting a research paper or a university thesis. Before putting out that LinkedIn job ad, consider: can you hire and onboard for editing and proofreading roles with your present time and budget? Or are you prepared to edit and proofread their writing yourself in the middle of your mountain of tasks and responsibilities?

      Outsourced content writing is your best bet when you don’t have the skills in-house.

      • You’re firstly working with experts with years of marketing and communications experience.
      • Since they’re not insiders, they bring a fresh pair of eyes on how to best position your product as a marketable solution.
      • A great content writing agency would also include editing and proofreading stages before they send over any finalised piece of content to you. 

      The solution: Delegate different types of content writing

      An in-house team can handle more company-specific types of content: internal communications threads, newsletters, press releases and product-specific content. 

      A content writing agency can handle broader marketing materials and informational content, such as blog posts, white papers and success stories.

      Most importantly: both types of content are vital for your content marketing strategy. 

      Challenge #3: You’ve worked with freelancers or agencies before, and it was awful.

      Ouch, this one feels personal. Freelancers and agencies tend to get a bad rap: irregular scheduling, inconsistent procedures and worst of all, poor quality content writing.

      Hiring in-house might help companies feel more assured of employee loyalty and dedication.

      Neither, however, are any guarantee of excellent quality work. Rather, you need to choose the right people to work with.

      Here’s a tip to gauge whether an agency or freelance professional is the right fit for your company: check out their website and portfolio of content and brands they’ve worked with in the past. 

      • Do they have samples of written work that give you an idea of their skills and style? 
      • Do they make it clear what you can expect from them and what you’re signing up for? 
      • What brands have they worked with before? Are these companies similar to yours? 
      • What do their clients say about their quality of work? 

      Social proof goes a long way in setting expectations and establishing your brand’s sense of professionalism and competence in your niche.

      It’s also a great way to decide who to hire to generate content for your website.

      The solution: get to know who’s writing your content before hiring them.

      Treat content writing services like dating: the more time and effort you invest in getting to know who’s writing your content the better the content.

      The right person or team will always find the right words to best position your brand as a solution provider — especially if they’re experts in your niche, have high-quality content samples to show their work or bring added value to your business. 

      So, should you outsource to a content writing agency?

      Our answer: Yes — if it suits your needs best at this point in time.

      You should outsource to a content writing agency if:

      • You’re short on time and urgently need baseline blog content to position your brand as an informative authority. 
      • You don’t have the resources to write the content yourself. 
      • You’ve found a content writing agency that specialises in your niche and includes experienced content writers.
      • You want an outsider’s perspective on communicating the benefits of your products and services. 
      • You’ve taken the time to get to know them, and they have a system of procedures in place that demonstrate their professionalism. 

      You should hire an in-house content writing team if: 

      • You have the time and resources to interview, onboard and continually train a team of writers, editors, proofreaders, and possibly SEO specialists. 
      • You want insiders to capture brand voice and personality through exposure to company values and updates. 
      • You want to develop types of content at the last minute,such as newsletters, press releases, social media, user guides, knowledge management documents and internal communication.

      Great content comes from great relationships. So if you want great content, consider your needs and invest in a team that prioritises a healthy, sustainable way of working together.

      If you’re a tech company looking to get started with a company blog and fill it up with helpful, informational articles that educate and engage your customers, we want to help. Check out our monthly content packages to see if outsourcing your content writing to us might work for you.