Balancing content with tech specs is no easy task. If you’re just getting started on your content marketing journey, you might be wondering how to write tech blog articles to engage your site visitors, or examples of content writing in digital marketing as a whole. 

Luckily for you, here’s a roundup: we’ve put together some of the best examples of technical content writing and web copy from some of our own Say it right clients. Read on to learn how they’ve invested high-quality tech and blog content writing for their digital marketing efforts.

Here's what we've covered: 

Kaleido AI



How are these tech companies using content to drive results? 

Kaleido AI

Kaleido AI specialises in automating visual AI with their three products:, designify and Unscreen. These are industry-leading solutions for automated background removal and intuitive editing features that enable creative, efficient design and content creation workflows.

The company has a dedicated blog and centralises this content on the and Unscreen domains:

Kaleido AI’s tech blog articles help educate readers on how to best design and create visual content. These posts could include primarily photography best practices for personal and e-commerce purposes but also tips and tricks for creating engaging video content. 

Kaleido AI follows a prolific blog publishing strategy, averaging a different article every 2-3 weeks. Given their vast industry, they cover diverse topics on visual and design best practices so that they can develop brand authority and recognition within their niche.

When writing content for Kaleido AI, the Say it right team keeps in mind that their tone of voice is relaxed, humorous and warm, aiming to connect with customers and share best practices in an informational, accessible way. Here’s an example of a specific tech blog article we’ve written for them: 

Say it right tech content writers simplify the different (and often confusing) international guidelines on passport photography in aneasy-to-understand, step-by-step format that readers can follow. 

And here’s how we integrate the use of the tool as a solution to a common problem: removing the background of a passport photo. 

In this way, we help Kaleido AI position its product as a solution to customers’ problems and communicate how effective is in an accessible, entertaining way. Here are some more examples of tech blog articles Say it right has written for Kaleido:

Choosing the best background for jewellery photos.

9 tips on how to create a professional profile picture.

Photo studio tips for easy background removal.

As a marketer, removing a background or upscaling images always comes in handy for your product promotional materials and social media posts. Check out Kaleido AI’s blogfor more examples of tech blog writing that’s both effective, engaging and fun.


TRIGO is a custom software development company working closely with businesses to deliver the best software solutions. Its founders were driven to help customers coordinate over technology better and avoid what they describe as “glitchy quick fix software.”

They also include a dedicated tech blog on their website where they share industry insights, company updates and how companies can best gain value from their products.

Like Kaleido AI, TRIGO has also partnered with Say it right to handle their technical content writing. 


Here are some examples of Say it right written articles which educate readers on complex topics through a unique blend of TRIGO’s industry expertise and an accessible communication style.

TRIGO’s blog is a great example of how tech companies can leverage UX elements to make their content more accessible and easy to follow.

When writing posts for TRIGO, the Say it right team makes sure to use simple, accessible language that makes relatively complex topics easy for readers to understand.

Keeping in mind customer pain points, TRIGO covers these topics sufficiently in-depth while also making sure they aren’t over-demonstrating their techspertise. This is to position themselves as friendly, approachable authorities within their niche. 

Scrolling through TRIGO’s blog, you might find articles on topics that Say it right tech content writers have written, such as:

What your (open source) tech stack says about you

Open source vs. Closed source

Choosing a custom business software service provider

Got a great tech product and want to communicate its benefits effectively? Check out TRIGO’s tech blog for an excellent mix of authoritative industry expertise communicated in an easy, engaging style that doesn’t resemble “techspeak”. 


XUND is an AI-based healthstartup focused on digital healthcare. Their medical API can be integrated into existing technology to support healthcare providers in gleaning long-term insights from aggregated patient healthcare data.

XUND likewise includes a dedicated blog on its domain, where Say it right handles the writing for authoritative content such as white papers and insights into recent innovations within the world of digital healthcare.


XUND’s tone of voice and content focus is more on the authoritative and professional end. Their blog covers topics such as digital healthcare, data protection and medical innovations, targeting a B2B audience.

When Say it right works on XUND posts, we’re extra careful to ensure we thoroughly research any content we write, cite authoritative sources and make arguments clear, concise and valuable for readers.

Here’s an example of XUND’s authoritative commentary on the impact of the pandemic in a local context.

And here’s how Say it right ensures that XUND content is supported by the latest facts, research and cross-checked sources.

XUND’s goal is to inspire and inform through its authoritative content and insights into the world of digitised medical innovation. Check out their website for more best practices on developing brand awareness, expertise and recognition. 

How are these tech companies using content to drive results?

Besides having a solid content marketing strategy in place, these tech companies invest in high-quality content writing for their digital marketing efforts. They’ve also taken some other essential steps that help them engage their audiences and drive business within their niche. 

Their content is in line with their marketing goals.

Each of these companies has clearly defined what they want to accomplish with their content: positioning themselves as industry leaders and guiding customers through the marketing funnel by covering topics in-depth. For this, they’ve defined their ideal audience, their brand tone & style and personality, and which stakeholders they want to partner with. 

Before planning your content strategy and setting your marketing KPIs, you’re best off clarifying:

  • How do we want to sound to our ideal customers?
  • What type of content would best communicate this? 
  • What can help our customers feel connected to us? 
  • How might this make us stand out from our competitors? 

Be clear about your end-term goals and what steps would best get you there. The more specific you can be about your needs, the better — this way, you'll get better results.


They have a regular blog publishing schedule.

Want to establish your tech brand as an industry leader? Start with a company blogwith a healthy amount of baseline content that addresses customer questions and shares your thoughts on your industry landscape. You’re more likely to gradually reach the right audience and deepen brand recognition and authority with time.

But it’s not enough to just have a blog and believe it’ll magically drive traffic and conversions — you still need to publish and promote your content regularly.

Fewer marketing strategies drive more organic results than smart content marketing. Staying accountable to your blog publishing schedule and content promotion targets accomplishes more marketing exposure and outreach than any paid advertising.

They’ve formed a long-term partnership with Say it right.

Technical content writing needs experts with a passion for words and technology — so it’s much more important that you’re partnering with the right team for it.

These companies have invested in long form monthly content from Say it right’s team of tech content writers. We’re responsible for their monthly tech blog articles alongside website copywriting and editing. All Say it right clients work through extensive tone & style workshopsso that we can absolutely nail their communication and brand messaging. We write extensive long-form tech content pieces for our clients, including success stories, interview features and case studies — with supplementary services such as keyword research for their SEO strategy.

Inspired by these examples and keen to learn more? If you’re curious about how you can leverage high-quality content writingfor your own business, check out our monthly content packages. Drop us an email at if you think we could work together.