Written by the Say it right team, Kaleido’s SEO-optimised blog posts help them rank on Google, attract users and add value to their niche.

Here’s a deep dive into the company and our almost 3-year collaboration in conversation with Lavinia Rossi, Kaleido’s Digital Marketing Specialist.


Kaleido AI: automating image & video background removal — at scale

Founded in 2015 and recently acquired by the design giant Canva — Kaleido AI is the creator of the tools: remove.bg, Unscreen, and Designify. With over 31 million users worldwide, their audience ranges from photographers, videographers, marketing teams, e-commerce managers and more. Here’s a product portfolio breakdown:

  • remove.bg: removes any image background in just a few seconds. It’s Kaleido’s most used product and ProductHunt’s most upvoted product of all time.
  • Designify: Kaleido’s most recent release automates design for e-commerce, advertising, image background removal and more.
  • Unscreen: removes video backgrounds 100% automatically — no green screen or design team required.

 “And since we’ve joined forces with Canva, they’ve been able to release even more AI-driven features,” says Lavinia, “like removing backgrounds from photos and videos in one click.”

“I’ve known Canva since the very beginning of my content career and even created our first logo with it,” says Olivia, CEO & Founder of Say it right. Hearing the news that our client has joined forces with this powerhouse had me over the moon — I don’t just love the product, but what the company stands for and what an incredible role model Melanie Perkins is.”

Staying on their audience’s radar — with long form content

Over the years, Kaleido has expanded to more than 70 team members worldwide — including a marketing team that has valued high-quality organic content right from the start.

“We’ve used our blogs to establish ourselves as experts in our niche and rank for important keywords from the very beginning,” Lavinia says. “Our COO, Alex Brix, first brought Say it right on board, and we’ve worked great together ever since.”

With Say it right as their content writing partner since 2020, the Kaleido team publishes monthly engaging, informative blog posts. Many of which rank on Google’s first page:

And a couple even as the featured snippet:

“Through our collaboration, we know we can publish high-quality content to our blog on the regular. But it wasn’t easy getting there. Before we started working together, we were definitely running into a few roadblocks,” says Lavinia.

The challenge: a lack of time & resources inhouse

Organic content like blog posts helps increase your brand awareness. But here’s a common problem tech companies run into — who’s going to write or create this content in the first place?

“We just had so much on our plate already.”

The Kaleido marketing team includes seven experts coordinating their own tasks and the graphic design team. “In my case, I specialise in SEO and content — keyword research, creating new pages for the website when needed and publishing posts,” Lavinia explains. “I also take care of our blogs on the remove.bg and Unscreen domains.”

And with all these tasks, writing content internally was a struggle. “We just had so much on our plate already — way too much work to write regular monthly blog posts. It would have been much more extra work than our team could handle on top of our tasks.”

So we knew we had to find someone to fill that gap. Because we know how important content writing is in digital marketing and how much it helps with organic traffic.”


Our solution: Say it right delivers Kaleido’s blog content — every month

When you’ve got too much to do and too little time, it’s always smart to delegate. Here’s how Say it right and the Kaleido team work together to keep their content machine running:

  • Every month, we catch up for a content planning meeting, where we set the baseline for next month’s content on Notion, what’s going well for us and deadlines for content delivery.
  • Lavinia shares the content briefs for each month’s requested blog posts. These include what keywords each post should be optimised for.
  • Say it right’s in-house copywriter, Pallavi, works on each blog post and delivers a finalised copy a few days before the publishing deadline. So that way, Lavinia and the Kaleido team have a week to share feedback.
  • Once we’ve incorporated the Kaleido team’s feedback, we update Lavinia on Notion.
  • And the blog post goes live — the Kaleido team publishes the article on their remove.bg or Unscreen domain.

If I had to say, the feeling we get is just peace of mind,” says Lavinia. “We know we can rely on the Say it right team to deliver all three blog posts we need. Our Notion dashboard is also super organised — it’s great to keep everything in one place rather than sending out a billion emails.”

It’s also a huge relief that we have experts who can handle the content writing aspect of our marketing. I’ve done some writing myself in the past — and it’s definitely more difficult than it looks. I don’t think it’s something that just about anyone can do. And with Say it right, it feels like they take care of half our workload.


The challenge: standing out from the crowd

Publishing organic content on the regular is a great starting point — until you find yourself competing against heavyweights like Photoshop and Illustrator. Especially if you’re a young company and need to establish yourself from the rest.

"There's so much content competition."

Kaleido’s three products are intuitive by design — meant for users with little to no editing experience. “But even with this, we were having a tough time finding relevant content ideas in our niche,” says Lavinia. “Our products are easy to use and have a ton of cool features. But these should make sense to our audience, right?”

I think it’s important that they understand how, say, remove.bg or Designify can help someone in their everyday lives too. Especially if they find Photoshop complicated or are in a hurry and need to edit their photos super quick.”

Our solution: Say it right brainstorms unique use cases with the Kaleido team

Great features might mean great products — but your audience out there would much prefer learning about its value in their day to day.

When we work together, it’s a lot of fun brainstorming new ideas and ways to use our products,” says Lavinia. “Like, say, using Designify to create a New Year’s vision board online. Or remove.bg as part of an email marketing workflow. Or using Unscreen to make a GIF of yourself.”

Our products run on AI, which can be super technical. So it’s great that we can work together to put a creative spin on them and find so many cool ways to use them — which I think helps us write content together that connects better with users.”

That’s what I like about the Say it right team,” Lavinia continues. “I feel like they go the extra mile to understand our tools, how to use them — they even use them in their everyday lives. They’ve made brainstorming for topic ideas so much less complicated.”

Kaleido x Say it right: how it’s going

One of the nicest feelings as content writers: seeing how our work brings value to our clients. Here are a couple of ways we’ve helped the Kaleido team leverage their organic content — and see results.

Increased organic traffic 

Organic traffic, specifically blog traffic, is an important KPI for the Kaleido team. “And with our regular publishing schedule, we’ve seen a 30% increase in our numbers compared to last year,” says Lavinia. “That’s more users visiting our website and checking out our products.”

This is a great sign for us and why we want to keep working with Say it right — because we see how the content we create together helps us reach our audience that much better.”

Ranking for industry-specific keywords

Another KPI is ranking keywords — and specifically long-tail industry-specific ones. The Kaleido team tracks these for each of their products and organic traffic brought on through blog posts.

And I’m proud to share that out of 1,540 keywords that we’re tracking for the blog, 718 are helping us rank in Google's top 10 positions— i.e. page #1,” Lavinia shares. “We’re also ranking for image search for some queries.”

For example, one of our posts from 2022 on how to remove the background from a GIF was responsible for nearly half the traffic back to the Unscreen blog this year. “And that’s how you can tell how well-written and optimised a piece of content is.”

Competing better with industry heavyweights

When you Google something, your eyes might fall automatically to the featured snippet — aka, position #0 on the search page, which Google ranks even above ads or #1. Simply because of how helpful that piece of content is as a whole.

Our Designify article on how to take a good yearbook photo is one example,” Lavinia explains. “And we’re ranking above bigger companies like Bustle, wiki How and even Teen Vogue for this post — which just shows how well-written and helpful that blog post is.”

Remember the article on how to create a GIF of yourself? It’s actually ranking above GIPHY. You know, the Google for GIFs. Which is honestly pretty awesome when you think of how established they are in the industry.

It’s why writing high-quality content is so important,” Lavinia shares. “Because it helps you with search intent or with actually answering people’s questions when they Google something.”


Why choose Say it right?

At Say it right, we’ve been helping our clients nail their brand content right from the start. But the long-term relationship we’ve built with the Kaleido team is why we work so well together.

I think the face-time we have together is great,” says Lavinia. “It’s always nice to catch up and talk a bit before we get down to business. I think it’s the human connection that we have that makes it a lot of fun to work together.

Another glow for the Say it right team: our set work process, which allows for a ton of flexibility. “Especially when we need to adjust delivery deadlines or need content earlier than usual,” Lavinia explains. “Or if our content needs to change, like, say, repurposing a content piece or exploring new ideas. They’ve always been super responsive to our needs this way."

Say it right is an excellent content writing service — they understand our products and needs so well. The team is flexible, responsive, easy to reach and super accountable to deadlines. They also adapt all our content based on the feedback we share, which really helps us nail our brand comms.

I'm honestly impressed by their attention to detail and how consistently they deliver excellent content pieces for us every month. It’s always a pleasure to pick up and publish the regular blog posts they write for our products. I really enjoy working together — and I’m super glad we’re both in it for the long run."

Looking to position yourself as an expert in your niche? With monthly long form, SEO-optimised content, you’re well on your way. Get in touch with us at hello@sayitright.co — and let’s discuss your content needs.