Any of this sound familiar to you?

“I want to create our own content, but I just don't have the time.”


"We don't have people inhouse who are experienced content writers." 


“It's so hard to find good writers who truly understand our product.”


Our core service: monthly content packages


Package #3

Publish twice a week

  • 8 pieces of long form or SEO optimised blog content you can publish twice a week.
  • 1500 words/piece max.
€5390 excl. VAT

Package #2

Publish every week

  • 4 pieces of long form or SEO optimised blog content to publish every week.
  • 1500 words/piece max.
€3090 excl. VAT

Package #1

Publish every two weeks

  • 2 pieces of long form or SEO optimised blog content to publish every two weeks.
  • 1500 words/piece max.
€1990 excl. VAT

Get engaging content written for you every single month.

What it's like working with Say it right

1) You set the overall content marketing strategy.
2) We plan your monthly content together.
3) Our team writes your content and delivers it to you.
4) You share feedback and we incorporate it.
5) You publish the content we send over.

What's in it for you?

Showcase your expert know-how

Content helps you show what you know and makes your tech brand more visible on Google. 

Expand into international markets

Our team of native English writers helps you reach international audiences. 

Stand out from the competition

We help you find your brand voice and create valuable content for your customers. 

Engage customers with
regular monthly content.

Why it makes sense to book a monthly content package

Save yourself time and resources

By letting us handle the content writing, you can focus on hitting your KPIs and staying accountable to publishing. 

Set up a strong baseline of content

Booking with us guarantees you high-quality content tailored to your niche.

Secure a long-term partnership

We work with our clients long-term and cover the resources and skills they don't have inhouse.



Who do we work best with?

We'll work out if you:
  • Work in the tech/SaaS industry.
  • Have at least some of your content strategy planned.
  • Want to produce monthly long form content.
  • Need English content writing services only.
  • Are ready to commit to 6 months minimum.
  • Are ready to work with the Google Suite and Notion.
We might not work out if you:
  • Are a non-tech company and/or just getting started.
  • Don't have a marketing team set up yet.
  • Need content in languages besides English.
  • Need social media content handled for you.


Frequently asked questions


Do you offer any other content writing, editing or copywriting services?

Yup, we sure do. Our team can also take care of things like:

  • Website copy editing / writing
  • Success Stories 
  • Interview Features
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Content repurposing

...but only if you're a client and have booked one of our 3 content writing packages. We have dedicated slots for our current clients for these services which are calculated individually.

Unfortunately we don't offer these once-off services to new clients. But if you're looking to create content on the regular anyway, contact us and we'll be happy to walk you through how we can get both things done.

When could we start?

We're currently onboarding a new client every month, contact us and we can give you an indication of when the next slot is open.

What languages do you provide content writing in?

Our expertise lies in native English copywriting and content creation — although we're happy to communicate in German, English is the only language we currently offer our services in. You can learn more about our native roots here. 

If you're looking for German Content Writing services, drop us a line at and we'll refer you to a partner we trust.

Why blog content?

Our core content writing service has been years in the making. We've doubled down on offering these packages because we've seen that blog and/or long form content gets our clients the best return on invesment when it comes to content production. Here's why: 

  • It positions you as an expert in your niche
  • It's long lasting, best return on investment when it comes to content production
  • You can repurpose it to other types of content
  • It attracts people who are already looking for your brand and the problem you are solving
  • It's the best way to win the Google race, aka. SEO.
How can I find out more?

If you're interested in booking one of our packages, go ahead and fill out this form and we'll get back to your very shortly.


How much do your monthly content packages cost?

This depends on what content package you opt for, our packages start at €1990, clients spend approx. €5390 per month on average. The great thing about our content packages is that they are a set price, you know exactly what you're getting and paying — every single month.

Do you charge by the hour — how much?

Nope, we're not your conventional agency. Our monthly content packages have a fixed price and include a set of services. This process is based on years of experience and is also the best way to ensure we can get you the quality of content you're looking for. If you've booked one of our monthly packages, you can also  book additional services which we'll provide a tailored offer for.


What companies have you worked with before?

We've worked with a diverse range of tech & SaaS clients in the past. Brand names like Mondi, Userbrain and Kaleido. You can find a full list right here.

"Olivia understands our tech business better than any other copywriter we’ve talked to. We love to work with professional content writing agencies like Say it right as they’re more flexible and don’t treat us as a number.

With Olivia and her team, we just experienced peace of mind. Whenever the Say it right team creates a new piece of long form content, there’s no unnecessary back-and-forth. It’s just good from the start.

We can only highly recommend Say it right for writing monthly long form content. It’s where they truly shine.”